Special Programs

Featured Personal Training Programs

Walk and Talk: A W.I.L.S. Original Concept

Life coaching and exercise at the same time. Makes exercising a breeze!

Lap Band – Is it right for you?

Behavioral evaluation required by bariatric surgeons. Exercise prescription and nutritional plans are available.

Featured Group Exercise Programs

Weight Loss - man and woman

Shuttle Fitness- A W.I.L.S. Original Concept

We pick you up and provide a workout. No excuses!

(Join us at Runyon, Santa Monica Stairs, Rose Bowl, Griffith Park, or Newport Beach)

Group Boot Camp Exercise

Interval and Cross Training

Put together your own group of 3 and save 10%

Just 4 Kids Weight Loss Program: A W.I.L.S. Original Concept

A fun and interactive weight loss program tailored specifically for children and families. It takes into account kids’ body chemistry, activity level, preferences, food intake, and psychology.

Complimentary Walking, Running, and Training Groups

Want a walking group? We will help you find or form your own! Plus, it’s FREE!


Each program is conducted in small groups of three to ten and are based on the topics below.


• Have you been diagnosed with heart disease?

• What kind of changes can you expect?

• What can you do to prevent complications?

• How will this affect my spouse and/or family?

Cost: $30 per person per 60 minute session

Understanding Exercise

• Answers all of your questions regarding exercising correctly and efficiently and targeting

certain body areas effectively.

Cost: $30 Per Person Per 60 min. Session

Stretching Techniques

• Featuring: Joel Crandall (http://www.physiocarecenter.com)

Cost: $30 per person per 60 minute session

Exercise Techniques

• Learn different and effective types of exercise for various diseases and physical levels. Includes

tips on a balanced nutrition.

Cost: $30 per person per 60 minute session

Stressed Out

• Learn effective ways to manage stress.

• Learn how stress complicates existing diseases.

• Develop a practical plan to implement stress reduction tools that you can adhere to.

Cost: $30 per person per 60 minute session

Weight Loss

• Learn realistic, simple rules to keep weight off.

• A comprehensive program that addresses nutrition, exercise, and psychology.

Cost: $30 per person per 60 minute session

Healthy Nutrition

• Do I have a balanced diet?

• Do I really need to count calories?

• Do these fad diets work?

• Why can’t I keep the weight off?

Cost: $30 per person per 60 minute session

Understanding Nutrition

• Do you know what, when, and how to eat?

Cost: $30 per person per 60 minute session

Food Addiction

• I know I should stop eating but I can’t; How do I know I am an addict?

Cost: $30 per person per 60 minute session

Cooking Demonstrations

• Featuring: Chef AJ – Whole Foods featured chef

• Featuring: Chef Calimlim – Executive Chef

• Featuring: Chef Sims – Executive Chef

• Healthier cooking alternatives that prevent and manage chronic diseases as well as weight loss

and maintenance.

Cost: Ask Dr. Joe

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