Dr. Joe has a unique approach to exercise attributed to his Division 1 athletic background as well as tackling his own personal struggles. Training sessions and exercise prescriptions are personalized and developed based upon American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) guidelines. Common components integrated into prescriptions are risk appraisal, functional and isolative stretching, plyometrics, strength training, endurance training, cross-training, and sport-specific programs.

As an athlete growing up, Dr. Joe was always interested in fitness. Nutrition became an integral component when he became an endurance athlete.

Dr. Joe currently trains clients both privately and in group settings. He also supervises and coaches other trainers in using proper body mechanics and techniques in order to prevent injury and strengthen problem areas. He currently provides tennis, cycling, swimming, running, and sport-specific training in addition to bootcamps for all shapes and sizes.

As an ACSM member, Dr. Joe incorporates the following facets into his training sessions:

• Exercise Physiology
• Exercise Nutrition
• Neuro-Kinectic Movement
• Active-Isolative Stretching
• Sports Medicine

His exercise training sessions are excellent options for those interested in training camps or who have an upcoming special event such as a wedding to prepare for.

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