When Life gives you Lemons – squeeze them into your water!

Drinking water is very important for you, but adding Lemon to the water just increases the benefits for you and your health.

Lemon is a natural antiseptic that helps to cleanse the body of impurities and prevent disease.

These are “tree ripened”* lemons not commercially purchased lemons at the store.  There is a big difference as store bought lemons may contain no health benefit for you at all.

Drinking Lemon water can help with the following:

–       Heartburn

–       Bloating

–       Gout (relieve of pain)

–       Liver complaints

–       Sore throat

–       Asthma

–       And much more

No longer can we say with a hint of frustration that life is giving us lemons…because if it is  – TAKE THEM!  Your health will benefit for it.

*The Amazing Health benefits of drinking Lemon Water, Ann Heustad, R.N.

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