The Myers’ Cocktail

Myer’s cocktails contain vitamin C, magnesium, minerals and B vitamins. The cocktail can be helpful for combating chronic fatigue, asthma, arrhythmias and other conditions.

Why give nutrients intravenously?
We recommend Intravenous concentrations not obtainable with other routes of administration. Various nutrients have been shown to exert pharmacological effects, which can only be achieved with IV administration. For example, an antiviral effect of vitamin C has been demonstrated at a level achievable only with IV administration.

The power of magnesium: Magnesium is a key ingredient in the Myer’s cocktail and promotes relaxation of both blood vessels and skeletal muscle and reduces muscle spasm.

Typical ingredients
Magnesium chloride hexahydrate 20% (magnesium) 2-5 mL
Calcium gluconate 10% (calcium) 1-3 mL
Hydroxocobalamin 1,000 mcg/mL (B12) 1 mL
Pyridoxine hydrochloride 100mg/mL (B6) 1 mL
Dexpanthenol 250 mg/mL (B5) 1 mL
B complex 100 (B complex) 1 mL
Vitamin C 222 mg/mL (C) 4-20 mL

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