Have you put a few pounds on?  Are you consistently feeling the way you do after a big Thanksgiving meal – Sluggish and tired?  Are you moody (if you are answering “no” but your significant other is behind you nodding “yes” you could be suffering from low thyroid levels.

In children, low thyroid levels can lead to issues with growth and development.

In most cases low thyroid levels are caused by a lack of Iodine – yes that stuff that you put on a cut that hurts like heck but heals like no other – of course, that Iodine is not for intake so how do you add it into your diet or that of your children?

Kelp – a plant from the sea contains plenty of Iodine and it is non-toxic.

As with anything, moderation is important as too much Iodine in your diet is not good either.

For more information on Kelp and the appropriate amount to introduce into your diet email us at and we will be happy to assist.

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