Body by Dr. Joe’s new on-line interactive program coming soon!


Are you struggling with reaching and maintaining a healthy weight? Do you find that you need additional daily help with your commitments to healthy lifestyle choices? Do you have the tools to manage your thoughts and emotions which drive healthy behaviors?

Mind over Eating is an on-line program that emphasizes cognitive behavioral approaches, mindfulness and meditation techniques to support long-term lifestyle change. Mind over Eating is a comprehensive approach that addresses the mental aspect of changing your behavior.

The program offers:

  • Short daily interactive lessons
  • Provides focus for the day
  • Peer network & support
  • 24/7 personal assistance
  • Interactive workbook
  • Meditation vault
  • Can be accessed from any computer, iPad or smart phone
Pic1 “Since taking the Mind over Eating program, I have lost 125 lbs. I have received far more benefits than just losing the weight” – Thomas Lickteig
Pic2 “The Mind over Eating program has literally changed my life!” I lost 160 pounds! I can fit in “regular” clothes! I am doing things physically I never thought were possible! The absolute best part is I am happy and I feel normal!” – Jenifer Cleveland

For more information about the Mind over Eating program contact Dr. Joe at .

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