Your success depends on how, what, and when you eat. Dr. Joe provides you with personalized nutritional coaching to maximize your health and exercise programs. Each plan is built around your own lifestyle and has multiple components such as start-up, transition, weekly check-in, and maintenance.

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Dr. Joe has a unique approach to exercise attributed to his Division 1 athletic background as well as tackling his own personal struggles. Training sessions and exercise prescriptions are personalized and developed based upon American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) guidelines.

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Let me help you! Health psychology addresses how to understand the biological, social, and psychological factors that influence your health and potential illnesses. Dr. Joe will discuss prevention, health behavior change, and biopsychosocial factors in regards to exercise, obesity, and chronic disease.

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When it comes to weight loss, one size does not fit all!

Dr. Joe practices Lifestyle Medicine integrating clinical psychology, nutrition and sports medicine.

Lifestyle Medicine is about supporting individuals and families to maintain healthy behaviors that affect health and quality of life through evidence-based Lifestyle Medicine treatments.

You can certainly lose weight with other weight loss programs out there, but can you keep the weight off?

Each person’s body composition is different; what works for one person does not necessarily yield the same result for another, especially when it comes to weight loss maintenance.

Many of my clients have lost weight with other programs, but many find themselves gaining the weight back, thus finding themselves on an unpleasant and unncessary roller coaster ride.

My name is Dr. Joe Raphael and I, too, was once overweight. I found myself 60 pounds over my ideal weight, with supraventricular tachycardia, hypertension, epilepsy and depression.

I struggled to lose the weight but persisted for the sake of my health and family. I gained an astounding sense of accomplishment when I finally lost the extra weight and felt like I had won the battle. I was wrong.

Despite having lost the weight, I had not shaken the habits of my past. I still was a stress eater and never met a beer I didn’t like. Two years later, I was diagnosed with systemic mastocytosis. I realized that my battle was not over but I was simply entering a new phase; I had to learn to keep the weight off forever.

In my studies I learned how to treat the body as a whole, not just in the physical sense. I may have a doctorate in the health of the body, but I also have a PhD in personal struggles. I simple could not think of anything better to do with my degree and experience than to help others who are in the position I once was.
You are not a number with me: you are a member of my family. My staff and I are a boutique service that caters to you, not the masses. I personally customize your weight loss goals base on establishing sustainable lifestyle change.

Your body. Your plan.

Our entire team is committed to meeting your individual needs, customizing the right plan for you, and maintaining your privacy throughout the process.

Many come to me as a last-ditch effort to lose weight. Others come to me with specific objectives with defined deadlines. It is extremely gratifying for me to apply the experiences from my own struggles along with my education to help people gain their health and their life back.

Every journey begins with a first step – you have already taken that first step by visiting this website. Let’s take the next steps together and get you where you want to be.

Dr. Joe Raphael

* The information on this website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Before beginning any weight loss program, please consult your physician.


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